Frequently Asked Questions

Can I custom make a table?
In short, yes! All you need to do is email us with the features/extras you're after and we'll work through pricing and design with you. The more it varies from our current stock offering, the more the price will be.

What stock sizes are available?
4 seater: 950L x 950W x 760H
6 seater: 1450L x 1150W x 760H
8 Seater (Square): 1450L x 1450W x 760H
8 Seater (Rectangle): 1950L x 1150W x 760H

How are the LEDs and USBs powered?
They are powered by a cable that connects to a power outlet.
This cord can be disconnected and stored while not in use.

What are the topper options?
All of our toppers are made in a timber veneer, as completely solid timber can lead to warping and the toppers not sitting flat. There are 2 options:

1. Complete Topper - Covers the whole table surface, including borders.
complete, topper, gaming, board, game, table
2. Inset topper - This topper is inset, and only covers the lowered play area, allowing you to use the card holders and cup holders while the topper is on.

Are the toppers spill-proof?
Not completely, but the gaps are very tight so it will limit the amount of liquid that can get through. The play area beneath is also quite easy to clean if you get to it quickly. We can add waterproofing for an extra charge.

How do I clean the play area?
We've recently changed the play area to be removable! For spot cleaning, you can vacuum directly on the service at a low setting. For spills, use a soft cloth and some cold water and dab at any spills. For serious spills, we'd recommend dry cleaning the material.

How does the play area divider work and what is it used for?
It's basically a piece of timber that attaches via magnets underneath one of your topper pieces, stopping pieces/dice/etc from going underneath. Perfect for when you're playing a smaller board game or card game and you don't want to use the entire play area, or if you're playing D&D and you have a DM station at one end of your table.

What is the acrylic sheet used for?
You can lay this clear sheet onto the play area, allowing you to draw on the surface. Perfect for DnD.

acrylic sheet board game table

Can you customise the colour of the LEDs?
Yes! The LEDs come with a remote control with a ton of lighting options, that allow you to set the mood for each individual game. You can also connect your phone via wifi for even more customisation!

What is the depth of the play area?
The play area is around 6-7cm deep (before toppers), which is more than enough to store most games/miniatures.

Are the legs removable?
The steel legs are removable by unscrewing 4 bolts from each leg with a screwdriver/drill. The solid timber legs are not removable.

Where can I see a photo of something not pictured on your website?
We're still gradually building our website and we'll hopefully have photos of everything soon. If you'd like to see something in particular, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How does shipping work?
We hand deliver and install the table pre-built to your home. We'll be in touch upon completion to co-ordinate a delivery date with you. If your address is not listed on our shipping options, please send us an enquiry/message before you place your order. It is also your responsibility to make sure the table will fit through your doorways/hallways.

What is the lead time?
Our lead times are based on our current client queue. Currently our lead time is around 4-6 weeks

What are your payment options?
We can start your order with a 50% deposit or full payment if you wish.